Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thanks A Lot, Kid

While babysitting I had a great conversations with a friend's 4 year old niece that went a little something like this...

Alyssa: You should come get ice cream with me soon!

Me: That sounds like a lot of fun! We should do that soon if I'm not working too much

Alyssa: You work??!!!

Me: Yup

Alyssa: What do you do?

Me: I'm a nurse, I take care of sick people in the hospital

Alyssa: How can you be a nurse if you are still a kid?

Me: I'm not a kid anymore, I'm a grownup like your mommy and daddy and uncle Brian

Alyssa: And uncle Patrick?

Me: Yeah, well actually uncle Patrick is a few years younger than me

Alyssa: No he I'snt! If you are a grown up why aren't you married?

Me: (shit.) Well, I just haven't gotten married yet. I had to focus on graduating high school and college and nursing school, which is very important to do before you get married.

Alyssa: Has anyone asked you?

Me: But I'm sure someday somebody will ask me!

Alyssa: Is something wrong with you? Why doesn't anyone want to marry you?

Me: (fuck.) I just haven't gotten married yet. Uncle Brian is a grown up and he isn't married yet.

Alyssa: But uncle Brian is a boy so it's ok.

Me: I see...

Alyssa: That's ok! you can come to my wedding when I get married and I'll let you wear a really pretty dress so you don't feel sad.

Me: *sigh* Thanks, Alyssa, that's really sweet of you.

At least she didn't ask me about sex.

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