Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Job Titles Are Mostly Relative

While most people would call what I do "nursing" I really don't think that fully em compasses the ridiculous bullshit that I "do" on a day to day basis at the hospital. For example, tonight I would be "Bodily Fluid Dodger", or perhaps "Good Nurse" (of course pertaining to the ol' Good Nurse/Bad Nurse game). I prefer "Bad Nurse" sometimes because it gets out more aggression, but people always want me to be the sweet charming little "good nurse".

So, I guess along the same lines of thinking, tonight I could also be known as "Seizure-Stopper", "Floor Disinfecter", "Hand-Holder", and "Punching Bag". Fun. I wish, I really do, that there was a 1 unit course in nursing school about all of these other titles that we are expected to be, or that we unfortunately fall into. I really think nursing is one of those careers that you can only prepare so much for...and then the patients and the rest of the staff take it from there. You will see shit that you wish you had never seen.

There are many times Ive seen things that I wish I could unsee. But sometimes, there are those rare moments when I see things that I wish I could see a hundred more times that I may never see again.

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