Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Pathetic "Blog"

I've just now remembered that I have a "blog" (I feel so stupid saying that), and that I haven't updated it since December. I was reading my December posts and realized that I was writing about all of my traumatic Hot Dog Day experiences as a small child. Since I am obviously over it, I will sum up the last two in a nutshell (I realize that nobody cares to hear them, but I'm pretty sure I am a little OCD about finishing shit like know, stupid stories that I write in my "blog")

So anyway, you can read the first two here and here.

So the next horrible thing that happened was that I was playing tether ball on Hot Dog Day, slid my butt down on a terribly dangerous wooden bench that was falling apart and got a 4 inch shard of wood (does wood come in shards? I think this was definitely a shard) lodged in my thigh. Had to get it removed in the ER. Missed my beloved hot dog. ALSO I missed burritos for dinner that night...don't even get me started with ER wait times. That's a WHOLE other blog post right there.

Last terrible Hot Dog Day story (I swear). 4th grade boys. Hot dog eating challenge. Mile run in P.E. after lunch. Big horrible mess. Never felt the same about Hot Dog Day again.

Orange ya glad that's over? (I know I am).


"So," you must be asking, "what the hell has been going on with you since December??". Well I will tell you, then we can all get on with our lives;

1. Grad School continues (just started the 3rd semester)
2. Moved in with The Boyfriend (we are "in love")
3. Started playing Roller Derby (aka I get the shit beat out of me 2-3 nights a week)
4. Got a puppy (Her name is Regina, she is adorable, and she was very sick as a small puppy, so I am in the hole a little bit after all the vet bills)

So there's your update.