Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Good Idea

HEY! I have a good idea. How about every Tuesday (or Friday) I have a couple of beers and just write about completely random things?! Disclaimer: Don't worry, this probably won't actually happen, I've just had a few beers and thought I'd write about completely random things tonight.

So here it goes:

I sometimes wish that I was a guy just so I could wear really comfortable clothing and still be considered sexy. Like, for example, right now I would be donning a colorful pair of converse, some skinny jeans in black, an awesome hipster shirt and vest, a hoodie, and a beanie. And I'd douse myself in Aqua Di Gio because it turns me on. (It really does. I mean, seriously, I can smell it from across the room and get obviously flushed).

Ok, what else is random. Maybe my ridiculous fear or tornadoes? My recurring tidal wave dreams? My extreme love of annoying Christmas music?

I know, I can talk about my very bizarre turn-ons. Ok, first of all, you will score points if you are wearing a top hat or fedora. I don't know why, I am a very weird girl, but I gotta say a guy in a top hat is just plain sexy. Take Slash for example...just look at him! I don't care about anything except that ridiculous top hat!

Also, a guy with a guitar just makes me weak in the knees. Even better: a guy with an accordion. Not kidding. Bonus points if he is wearing hipster suspenders or a hat.

Next, Aqua Di Gio. Period.

Ok I'm getting far too excited here...and frankly, I'm sick of writing. Now I shall enjoy my blue moon and watch the office.

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