Monday, November 29, 2010

I Am Serious, and Don't Call Me Shirley

It's done. I'm moved into my parent's house. Now the fun part will be trying to cram all of my belongings into this very small bedroom. Also, I died a little during this process.

I feel pretty good today, I guess, thanks to a very handsome gentleman who hasn't figured out that I am totally insane yet. Aka: my boyfriend (tee hee). Well, maybe he does know that I'm insane and that's why he likes me...right? RIGHT? Boys love me.

I'm actually totally exhausted, so I'll write more after a nap and homework. I've registered for next semester-I just can't get enough!

I know all of you will be sitting in suspense waiting to hear about my ridiculous life. Calm yourselves, I will return.

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